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The painfully sad thoughts on the TARDIS library of the bottled The Encyclopedia Gallifrey

I got chills reading this. Finally!! It's in words!!! I totally agree so damn much it hurts!!!!

I can't express how much I love this post. It's so true. Don't get me wrong, I love the Doctor so, so much. But it's true. I love all of the Doctor's regenerations. He will forever be "My Doctor.

p i n t e r e s t : kaitythefangirl

The Doctor knows his Earth culture references. Doctor who quotes Alice in wonderland, Harry Potter, and the lion king

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Time Lords are from Gallifrey. Gallifreyan describes species which are from the planet Gallifrey. This means that Time Lords are Gallifreyan.

When all the doctors combined is Jodie Whittaker

O my god. The doctor is actually is year old woman! --- the font at the top is burning my eyes

Official Doctor Who Tumblr — What’s your favorite Missy moment? You can read...

doctorwho: “ What’s your favorite Missy moment? You can read all of the highlights from Michelle Gomez’s AMA here: ”

Both hearts breaking ❤❤

And now I will sit in a corner and cry.<<Can I join?<< Is there room for another?<<Make space because I'm joining too!<<I'm just going to sit here with you and cry now.<<<what about rose? A Thousand years since he lost her. << Don't even bring Rose in.

Dr who AND IT crowd!!! Best of both worlds!!! I always loved this scene in that episode anyways. One of my favorites (mostly because that's the only one my 4yo wanted to watch over and over). As a sidenote...I love the person's name "do you fancy billie piper sir?" That skit is HILARIOUS!!!! everyone should watch it!

XD my two fav British shows together on one post, this is the flipping best!


He then proceeds to ask "Do I have a desk?" "no" "oh, OK, well then I want a desk"