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hyukkie <3/////<3

hyukkie <3/////<3


Ravi and Leo

jung taekwoon | Tumblr

I just forgot how to breath ☆레오☆Leo, vixx

my feels are out of control >/////< leo's smile kills everyone <3

VIXX Leo and N heart gif - Leo is so adorable lol

Yeah Neo! VIXX's Mom & Dad!   <--- really? As much as I  neo I just can't stop staring at Leo laughing!!!!

Anonymous said: im a neo shipper, yes, but lately i have been thinking if it was the right thing to ship neo. im losing my hope. i ship(/ped) it hardcore, but i have been thinking that maybe leo.

N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk ♡ #VIXX #KPOP // 겨울 고백 (Winter Confession)

N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , HongBin and Hyuk ♡ // 겨울 고백 (Winter Confession)

Leo - @ Star1 Magazine May Issue ‘15

Can iiiiiii join you Leo?

Excuse me while I turn to mush. The thing he does with his tongue seals the deal. #Leo #VIXX

I'm gonna probably mad at LEO ^_^

N's twitter update. Lol they're all so cute

taking a selfie with my bros

Leo biting his lip ❤_❤ lol he does this too often really it's not good for my heart lol #vixx #leo #taekwoon

Leo's cute yet sexy lip bite

Leo, what do you think you're doing being so cute?

Love his hair, face, hand.

vixx leo photoshoot - Google Search

Read The First Day from the story Rescued: Dating Leo by Susan-and-Iris-Write with reads. The next day you woke up in your bed;

vixx 4/6 | iFunny user Rovix

cutie leader N makes you always go "Ahw!

How I'm feeling right now because I can't see VIXX at K-Con in LA. (This gif is from the VIXX file episode when he lost the staring contest. Poor Leo. lol) Side note: Look how proud Hyukkie looks at beating his hyung! Bad maknae~!

Look how proud Hyuk is XD He's just like "yes. I beat Leo hyung to a staring contest.

N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk ♡ #VIXX // Radio

// Radio (They all look so happy. even Leo is smiling

It's either flower boy concept or dark concept. There is no in between.... XD N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk  #VIXX

Vixx Girls Why/Voodoo Doll