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The Amazing Penguitten

Cute Photoshopped Animal Hybrids Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

There's something about cute, pink kitty tongues that drive us wild.  Prepare yourself to melt over these 23 insanely adorable cats sticking their tongues out.  The cuteness is unbearable.  If you're having a bad day, we guarantee one of these little balls of  fur can lick your troubles away.

Feeling Blue? 23 Adorable Kitties To Lick Your Troubles Away

Taco cat

Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat. I get it but its stupid. TACO CAT backwards is TAC OCAT meaning remove a space (TACOCAT) then add a space (TACO CAT). Still does not work! The only thing funny about this is the photo

Halo Cat Birthday Card | Scribbler.com

Jordan Andrew Carter Cat God Framed Print: Purrrrfect feline print from Jordan Andrew Carter.

Photoshop Animal Hybrid Has Science Gone Too Far? Or Not Far Enough? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

Photoshop Animal Hybrid Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!


Cat Bird --- I have heard about sitting in a 'catbird' seat but have never really known what that means.

I can't stop laughing. Meanwhile in Fukushima, millions of gallons of radioactive water is being pumped into the Pacific ocean. California has been contaminated for years now. Hence their drought; no safe drinking water.

Meanwhile in Fukushima...

Bizarre Sharktography Memes - How scary is this Shark Bird? Imagine if going to the seaside involved scouting out for evil shark bird attacks. It wouldn’t be much fun, huh.



A hilarious gallery of fantastical hybrid animals that are only possible through the wizardry of Photoshop.

Here are some funky animals you won't see every day!

15 Funky Hybrid Animals That Deserve a Chance at Life

Spain’s Next Top Model: Napoleon Jesús Segura sat alone at home, unemployed, singing … until suddenly the most adorable kitten came to his door, meowing. Jesús took him in and named him Napoleon....

Here escaping the clutches of a giant squid, Napoleon the cat is captured in a variety of of bizarre locations in Segura's photos

Hmmmm wonder what you would call this critter?

Thought we'd have some fun! Guess this would be a 'girtle' or a 'turaffe'!pinned by Monika

15 Hybrid Animals Born In The Land Of Photoshop

We have a multitude of wondrous animal specials. But what if we blended several of them together?


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