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Tower of Boxes: Several boxes are stacked & tied up in two giant ribbons. Each box is wrapped first in colored tissue paper, then frosted over with a sheet of glassine, available by the sheet or roll from archival-supply houses.

homemade gift boxes and bags for mothers day presents

Colorful Mothers Day Crafts, Handmade Gift Boxes and Bags for Mothers Day Presents

Purse-Shaped Package This package is made from a sheet of heavy, textured paper folded around a tissue-wrapped gift.

twig & thistle giftwrap

Wish my wrapping looked this good

Yule Log Gift Packaging

Yule Log Gift Packaging Here's an attractive way to package unusually shaped gifts, such as glassware or bottles: Put them in mailing tubes dressed up as Yule logs. How to Make the Yule Log Gift Packaging

Wintry Scene Cutout for Gift Wrap. Create a wintry scene on a wrapped present using a paper-dolls technique. Enlarge the two-tree template to desired size; cut out. Accordion-fold a piece of paper to the width of the template. Trace the template onto top fold. Make "ornaments" with a screw punch. Cut out and unfurl trees. Adhere with a glue stick or spray adhesive.

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Create a wintry scene on a wrapped present using a paper-dolls technique. Print the Wintry Scene TemplateHow to Make the Wintry Scene Gift Wrap

Plein d'idées pour emballer un cadeau sans papier cadeau - Terra eco -  réduction des déchets

Christmas wrapping Ready-to-Wear Infuse new life into a thrift-store shirt and brooch. Not only is the result eco-friendly, but, as gift wrap designer Jenn Playford points out, when you remove the brooch and unpin the shirt, you've got three gifts in one.

love the use of the ivy leaves

To me the fun of presents are the pretty, cute, clever and unique ways you can wrap them. I was looking for some different ideas to wr.

christmas wrapping with candy cane

It’s a Wrap! SIMPLE Christmas packages

This one is definitely a "do I dare..???" idea... They used the well-cleaned INSIDE of a potato chip bag for the wrapping.  MSL

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Give a new life to empty potato-chip bags by dressing up your gifts in them. Cut open a potato-chip bag along its seam to reveal the shiny white or silver inside of the bag. Flatten the bag, wash it with soap and water, and air dry.