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The Jealous Curator » Blog Archive » i’m jealous of britt bass & morgan blake:

britt bass & morgan blake collaboration, Morgan’s photos are printed on transparencies, and then laid over Britt’s painted canvas.

New York Underground 1970-1980 | Ph: Veretta Cobler

New York Underground

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Zucca, Ciara Nugent photographed by Carter Smith for High Fashion Magazine 8 August 1998

Tasha Tylee’s series 'Cry Baby' is a study of sadness, friendship, and crying in the shower.

this photographer spent a month in bathrooms making her friends cry

Tasha Tylee’s series Cry Baby is a study of sadness, friendship and crying in the shower.

Having a thought with FEELING brings forth an energy which creates what you are resonating and mirrors it back to you. You attract and create many circumstances , non-physical and physical manifestations throughout your life story.

‘The Whole Sky Fell’ by Amelia Fletcher – It’s not art, it’s augustation: visual expressions from the imagination of creative minds presented in a simple format for inspiration and enjoyment.