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Field of Light was an installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England by lighting designer Bruce Munro. The installation was comprised of acrylic stems with fibre optic cables that represent light flowers or seeds that "blossom" at night


Pictures of jacanda trees with purple flowers lining Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena. These trees bloom each late spring/early summer and create a beautiful landscape.

blue nebula It's hard to escape the wonder# of the created universe#. It's humbling as you gaze into it's infinite splendor#.

Blue nebula It's hard to escape the wonder of the created universe. It's humbling as you gaze into it's infinite splendor.

Aqua marine

Love this photo. the sea foam at the bottom, the translucent wave in the middle, the deep choppy darker blue of the deep water behind the wave.

それはすぐに私は行くべきである。 ∑(O_O;) upload is galaxy note3/2015.04.04 with ''地獄のテロリスト'' (о゚д゚о)

Yading Nature Reserve - a mountain sanctuary and major Tibetan pilgrimage site, Sichuan, China》wow, that's amazing!

Northern lights. It's my dream to see these someday. :)  on my bucket list...

Photographing the Northern Lights is definitely on our bucket list. What a gorgeous photo: A Night To Remember by Arild Heitmann Aurora Borealis, Norway

Meu maior desejo: ver essa maravilha da natureza ao vivo. Northern Lights

Harry Potter and the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis wizadry in Finnish Lapland last night.

see the northern lights

Northern lights, or aurora borealis, stride across clouds above Ersfjord, Norway, shortly before 1 a. on September I WILL see this in person before I die!