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3D Doodling Pen. World's First 3D printing pen. This is truly AMAZING!

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen 2.0

Now you can fully control the printing process with your hands at all times. Just like a pen, except you'll be drawing in three dimensions.

Can't WAIT to get my 3Doodler. If you haven't seen this, this is a Kickstarter project. It's a 3D PRINTING PEN! The picture here is the newest creation...a bike made using the 3Doodler! WOW! There are still open pledges to get one starting at $75.

is raising funds for The World's First Printing Pen on Kickstarter! It's a pen that can draw in the air! is the printing pen you can hold in your hand.

I am a designer and artist with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. These diverse interests enable me to create sculptures that are technically complex and artistically competent. I focus on design for 3D printing or additive manufacturing. I love the challenge of creating something that is imagined and then designed on computer and seeing if my idea printed out as envisioned. The first time I hold the design in my hand is when the finished product comes out of the 3D printer.

The Horse Marionette Michaella Janse van Vuuren

3Doodler Drawing Pen at Brookstone—Buy Now!

Drawing Pen at Brookstone—I'm no artist, but I think this may have some potential for our Vi kids.

3d Pen!! So cool

3d Pen!! So cool


What a gorgeous zentangle! I hope those aren't ballpoint pens tho :/ Their ink often fades/discolors quickly and that's be a shame with this! by kristina Art Patterns

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen has been designed to allow you to create object from ABSplastic without the constrains of a 3D machine enclosure. Currently on Kickstarter, it has already raised double the funding required for production.

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I don't necessarily think all of these are amazing, but some are really cool!

to the last one: or you can teach your kids how to peel potatoes properly. I have only cut myself once using a peeler, and it was bc i was doing it wrong!

Imágenes de microscopio electrónico de redes de fibras con un diámetro menor a la millonésima de metro. De Ching Theng Koh y Daniel Strange

“Ching Theng Koh and Daniel Strange: Electrospun Scaffold - A Fibrous Material with Nanoscale Fibres Special - The Carl Zeiss SEM prize winning photograph Skin, cartilage and the cytoskeleton of a.

Don't look so modest, guys. That thing is EPIC.

Don't look so modest, guys. That thing is EPIC.

Epic Snow Shark In Minnesota. - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real? << I can't build a fucking snowman and these guys are building snow animals

The Tutu Project: Deutsche Telekom #tutuproject http://upasna.blogspot.de/2013/12/the-tutu-project-deutsche-telekom.html#more #socialmedia #technology

THE TUTU PROJECT - When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, loving husband and photographer Bob Carey put on a pink tutu and posed for the camera in an effort to raise both awareness and money for breast cancer research.