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"Mens had als nomade nog sterke beenderen" | Wetenschap | De Morgen

Kazakh nomads herd livestock with their caravan across a plain in Altay, in far west China's Xinjiang region. Photo by AFP/Getty Images.

yurts or gers on the mongolian steppe with a full moon behind

Yurts and the Moon, Lovely photo I wanted to share ♥

Image result for Reindeer Nomads

Komi reindeer herding nomads wrap their chum with reindeer skins

Chengyang Bridge, China Nicknamed the “Wind and Rain Bridge” Built in 1916 by the Dong people

25 of the World's Most Unique Bridges

ChengyangNicknamed the “Wind and Rain Bridge” and hidden amongst the rice fields and mountains, this bridge is found in the Guangxi Province of China spanning the Linxi River.

Mongolia's eagle hunters

The destination, the Shohan family’s spring camp in Tavan Bogd national park, is a place that only a handful of outsiders have seen in the winter months

Great White Lake, Mongolia

Great White Lake, Mongolia