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Grand Jaguar Pyramid at Tikal mayan ruins, Guatemala - by rodolfo obando  One of my stops after I'm done with PA school..::I've learned so much about the Mayans and want to finally go there!!

Mayan Ruins of the Grand Jaguar Pyramid, Tikal, Guatemala, Mexico by Rodolfo Obando

Mosque of Colors *Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists - we are being manipulated against one another -stop wars by The United States of Israel *

Iranian photographer Ramin Rahmani Nejad Asil took these mesmerising photos of Nasir-ol-Mulk Mosque, also known as the "Mosque of Colour".

Quand dame nature reprend ses droits... PLUS D’IMAGES ICI : www.toutvert.fr/category/images-videos/…

Quand dame nature reprend ses droits...

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“I do not dispute with the world; rather it is the world that disputes with me.” ~ The Buddha ♥ lis

geenworld-2016: “Source: art of nature ”

No matter the stylish gardens I cannot help but love this bluebell wood is dream garden.Who wouldn't want a bit of woodland to call their own.

Mossy Jizo statue at Renge-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan

Mossy Jizo statue at Renge-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan. cute little buddha

Big Buddha, Nihonji Temple, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Big Buddha, Nihonji Temple, Chiba Prefecture, Japan Lugares para visitar no Japão: Grande Buddha.

Everyday Life In Indonesian Villages Captured by Herman Damar | "И пусть весь мир подождёт!" or "And let the whole world wait!" By Ekaterina Tselikovskaya

“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.

Buddha has greatly influenced my perspective and ideas on life. I love his teachings, it brings peace in my life

Pouting in Cambodia - The 12th century Khmer Bayon Temple in Cambodia is known for its awsome smiling faces. It's part of the largest Hindu-Buddishm Sanctuary in the World, Angkor. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Bayon Temple was built in the late or early century A. by Jayavarman VII, one of the Khmer Empire's greatest kings. It is a Buddhist temple and it was the last mountain temple in Khmer Arts. Photo by Lisa Vaz on

Angkor watt

Cambodia - Angkor Wat From earth-witch on Photographer: Roman Riabtcev