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ayyy <3

Tammy the tree-climbing anteater who is to be given her own minder during a series of late night events at ZSL London Zoo this summer. Friday June The twelve-year-old tree-climbing anteater is famed for her friendly disposition, but with naturall

The facial expression of the cat in the third picture is just heart wrenching!

Funny pictures about Cats vs. Oh, and cool pics about Cats vs. Also, Cats vs.

gotta love a sleeping puppy!! so cute :)

Funny pictures about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Oh, and cool pics about A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating. Also, A Sleep Attack Can Be Devastating photos.

You know those weird distant relatives we all have? Yeah he's one of em. :-)

An emu gets a bit friendly with the camera. The emu, ostrich, and their cousin (cassowary) are all very funny.

Squirrel 'Cyril' The fat squirrel. Cyril became a hit with tourists California back in


Funny pictures about My Friend’s Husky Is Special, tagged with friend, funny dog, husky, special posted in Gags

A bald eagle named Beauty gets a new beak after being shot in the nose.

Beauty's Bionic Bald Eagle Beak

A few years ago, an Alaskan Bald Eagle was shot in the face, disfiguring her and obliterating the upper half of her beak. Rescue workers tried to rehabilit

Wrong Neighborhood - http://www.animallols.com/random-animals/wrong-neighborhood/

Haha pardon the language but this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while