Esquire 2009 Russian magazine - Woody Harrelson on cover. Love the color palette. ok I am moving back to Russia and applying for a job at Esquire!

Esquire (Malaysia). Love this 'get out da way' type treatment. So titanic.

Cover titling made interesting. Daniel Day-Lewis for Esquire Malaysia January 2013

I really like this cover because it doesn't look a stereotypical magazine I would see on the shelf. I love the use of contrasting fonts (especially the font that the word "george" is written in) and I like how the other stories are much smaller underneath it. It is a unique approach to a magazine cover and it instantly drew me in over stereotypical covers. I also love the use of the photograph and how the darkness of the photo contrasts the white text.

Esquire Singapore – January 2014

Art direction, design and lettering for the cover of Esquire Singapore. Photograph by Ruven Afanador.

On the Creative Market Blog - 20 Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Magazine Covers

20 Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Magazine Covers

Wonderful use of hand-lettered typography that really matches the cover star's persona // Jeff Bridges on Go magazine, 2010

Will Smith. My favorite picture of my baby daddy that doesn't know he is yet.

Epic Celeb Photography

hattie stewart pattern - Google Search

I love Hattie Stewart like Hattie Stewart loves hearts