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Heh...heh.... AHHHHHH

Umm, isn't this that one really old song by Panic! At the Disco? *sweats nervously* Umm, I don't recall ever hearing this song. *nervously chuckles* *slams door* *runs out back*

In what world would this be a random sign? If you have ever heard of good music you would know its the twenty one pilots logo. Like if this is a random sign to you, you better go and get a better taste in music!


at my concert tyler said something about josh liking people before he gets to know them and tyler hating people before he gets to know them and i think this sums that part of their personalities up pretty well

Joseph wedding day 3-28-15  Beautiful♥

Joseph wedding day notice jishwa in the back watching his bestfren get married

I usually scream yes at them because I'm so excited they asked. Then they just walk away.

when someone asks you if you like twenty one pilots // Twenty Øne Piløts

after this he told everyone that he has a way to listen to music in his car now. lol he said "it's not stolen anymore"

I saw this video it was so funny and cute and apparently the girl who gave the radio to him got to hangout with him backstage afterwards which is pretty fricken sick