when Johnny Depp accepts movies with a director other than Tim Burton

I found this clever and funny

*on a very sunny day, human sits in the sunniest place they can find sunbathing* Vampire: *standing ten feet away inside* BABE! BABE WHY? PLEASE TALK TO ME // holly shit I already found johndave fanfiction about it

Tumblr awesomeness.

I need to move on from call me maybe.>>> I made a song courus: Hey I just threw a grape in the a-air It hit a spider and now I'm scared and all the other times I was okay but now there's a spider on my face!

I need to use the sleep... FFS I just died at this.

This made me laugh too hard.I tend to say stupid things all the time when I need the sleep.

Some of the things you find on fb is just golden.

Some of the things you find on fb is just golden.

Answering questions like a president. I' decided that from now on, I' m going to answer every question like a presidential candidate. It' s obama

Fixed it

Fixed it

That's actually very inconsiderate, they're literally trivializing the pain and loss of a whole city. Last pic with caption is good imagination fuel though.

Pure Twitter Gold.<--- I'm subscribed to his youtube account so I can testify to that. :)

Even the ugliest potato can become a beautiful french fry~ favorite quote of all time

Once a girl in band asked "can people have monkeys as pets?" Why......why....

Once a girl in band asked "can people have monkeys as pets?<<<< once a guy in my science class thought that the earth went around the sun every 24 hours and that's how a day was made and then was so confused when we started laughing

We did this too and the principal joined in

We did this too and the principal joined in<<- I wish my school was as laid back but we are British so.

Tumblr Text Post

Poor cold water directly over burned area.

I had to go to a therapist because of this <<< I THINK I NEED TO GO TO THE THERAPIST IM LAUGHING WAY TOO HARD

Febreeze Murderer would actually be a good idea if I ever become a psycho serial killer.

Funny Tumblr Posts 4-29

Tumblr Tuesday 4-29

Marriage counseling is now out of business

oh my god, these are actually really good questions! I've always thought the satan thing!

It's because Satan isn't punishing them. Hell is where people are separated from God. Satan is a fallen angel who betrayed God, who is also being punished. Satan isn't God and doesn't send but drags people to hell with him

Steve XD

Those wacky Romans

Ah the joys of Omegle.

Tumblr funny

getting 500 times cuter, unless its hitler. then it's nein times cuter<< I just look kinda crazy Bc I get excited and talk real fast