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Quack Pack by Kalevi Elmala

Quack Pack by Kalevi Elmala

hooded merganser preening

Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) breeds in swamps and wooded areas of the Northern United States and Southern Canada

The King Eider is a large sea duck that breeds along Northern Hemisphere Arctic coasts of NE Europe, North America & Asia. They spend most of the year in coastal marine ecosystems at high latitudes, and migrate to Arctic tundra to breed in June & July. They lay four to seven eggs in a scrape on the ground lined with grass and down.

Drake King Eider courtship display~ by John Haig - And how could she resist such cuteness :)

Wood duck, George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, British Columbia, Canada  -  artwolfe.photoshelter.com

Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) Canada, United States, south to Cuba along streams and ponds

Lesser Scaup Ducks. Lors de sa migration le Petit Fuligule est fréquemment observé sur les grands plans d'eau de la vallée du Saint-Laurent. Mais durant la saison de reproduction, l'espèce se fait plus circonspecte, fréquentant alors les rivages de petits lacs et d'étangs entourés de forêts, dans l'ouest et le centre-nord du Québec. Christian Chevalier.

Lesser Scaup Ducks The Lesser scaup(Aythya affinis) is a small North American diving duck that migrates south as far as Central America in winter. It is colloquially known as the little bluebill or broadbill because of its distinctive blue bill.

White-cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis) - Found in the Caribbean; Vagrant to southern Florida.

White-cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis) - Found in the Caribbean; Vagrant to southern Florida.

Mandarin Duck -  Aix galericulata.

Colorful Duck

check out this amazing colour combo - Preening MANDARIN DUCK (Male) Aix galericulata Art in Nature Winner ©Russ Burden, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA



Duck in flight.. (Photo by Gary Woodburn)

Timing is very important when it comes to amazing photography. In this post, we've rounded up 20 examples of perfectly timed animal photography.

Mallard.  We've seen these lots of places.  For a long time it was the only duck with a green head that I had seen.  Beautiful.

Pictures of Mallards

Mallard duck as seen at Bonnet Creek Resort Orlando, FL Jan 2013 Image from Wikipedia List of Birds