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Singapore artist Anton Tang has managed to breathe life into tiny cardboard people. These little people are called Danboard and are cute and

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Cute and Sweet Danbo Pictures That Make You Say Wow

danbo makes things

Origami Boy I think this photo of David Talley is SO cool! I though I'd do a homage to that shot with Danbo! But Danbo kept insisting on making origami boats. So I folded some boats with him and a paper hat to top it off ;


Danbo Like The Daisies by Craig Dennis The name Danbo is a pun on the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard “danboru” (ダンボー). There’s also a company in Japan which makes cardboard boxes which has Danbooru in its name.

Survivors of autumn by =lieveheersbeestje on deviantART

: I've removed the text on Danbo's head and body, he's looking quite naked now There we have the colorful pencils again ^^ I've tried to make a p. Carry on


Singapore based photographer Anton Tang seems to have a terrific passion for the Danbo (cardboard box toy robot).