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oh thats so sweet of u paul we will miss u thank you for taking care of our boy wlysm!

Yas that's me see Louis understands me <<< he looks like he's about to yell "charge" or something lol<<<< all y’all are like ‘I’m louis’. I’m Harry or Niall or somebody. My best friend Kylie is Louis. Cecilia is Zayn I think

Our Liam can be 20 and still act like this.. That's why i love you so much

he is the cutest thing that has ever walked Earth. i can't believe people would ever bully someone as gorgeous, as talented, and as amazing as liam payne.

LOL. so true.

so true! Omg this is crazy close to what I say when someone sneezes lol

Zayn pretending to cry during Harry's solo hahah

Zayn pretending to cry during Harry's solo hahah<<<zayn is me. except for the pretend part