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Lay in the road in the middle of the night

The Notebook - Bucket List: lay in the road in the middle of the night.

Volunteer/Service - I've always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter but my parents don't like the idea, and I've seen many videos and one day I want to help these cute animals

The next thing on my list AND Craig said he WILL go with me!! CANT WAIT!

Go on an African safari + see the "big (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino)

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Top 10 things everybody should do before they die

Something I have never done but I want to try Scuba diving would be absolutely amazing. I love marine life, especially Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

In a good way!

my life goal right here. but let me add "change someones life for the better"


I live in the birthplace of route I live on an old route 66 road.I think I've already done that.plus I've been on other route 66 roads before.

before i die..

i've had cotton since i bought him from the pet shop. i think it kinda counts as the same thing. but i've never had a dog its entire life. i've had a cat for its entire life. but cats are different.