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"No you're not" -Everyone else in the band>>>"Fuck youuuuuu" Michael responds, even though kittens aren't punk rock

•Michael Clifford•

Don't let anyone judge you for not being in this fandom from the start, I wasn't, Hell, Ashton wasn't even here from the start and he is in the band! Just listen to what these boys have to say-maizy

U DONT KNOW ANYTHING! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! (except dont throw yourself out a window please there r much better ways to handle your emotions for instance hug a pillow or something)

And basically your entire life is just one big fangirl mess and nobody understandsTotally Legit Struggles Of Being A One Direction Fangirl

Hold up, that kinda looks like Mikey...am I right? Have I just not known this song had something in common with him? <<< it does look like Mikey

hey i’m doing fine i know i’m out of line so let’s sing this one more time it goes destination permanent vacation