Funny pictures about kindergarten. Oh, and cool pics about kindergarten. Also, kindergarten.

German Shepherd

Beautiful German Shepherd dog and baby. Don’t worry kid, I’ve got your back! For more cute dogs and puppies

Diesel was not pleased by his first trip to the vet

Diesel was not pleased by his first trip to the vet

One of one of the most Hazardous Family animal Eat Ever before: Rawhide!

German Shepards   I believe I am ready to adopt another one of these beautiful creations!!!! I need him for protection and compainonship. I hope he needs me. :-)

German Shepards dogs-i-love, my first dog was a white german shepard.

"Ok...what're you up to now?"

How to communicate with your dog and interpret the messages it sends :understanding your canine's posture and gestures


Funny Dog Picture With Captions: "Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Meth Lab"

Looks exactly like my Jeta baby when she was a puppy. I'll always miss her. You never forget your first pet.

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - Just an extreme bundle of cuteness!