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Whyyy 😫😫

Whyyy 😫😫

Best!! I'm not a Muslim but this one is so great

Feminism is about freedom & equality not pitting women against each other. We want to be free to dress modestly, provocatively or anything in between without men (and other women) shaming us for it!

How It Feels To Have A Terrible Memory

How It Feels To Have A Terrible Memory

At least most lesbians won't try to scratch your eyes out in your sleep.

{The Golden Girls} ~ Sophia - "Jean is a nice person. So, she happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I'd rather live with a Leslian than a cat. Unless the lesbian sheds.

Yes, but only because I was afraid one would go all Child's Play on me if I offended it.

The ones that didn't fit in the bed were still covered up in case they got cold! My childhood.

Basically.< this explains my burst of anger when someone does this to me it goes away in a couple seconds by turning to annoyance but I kill a village in the first three seconds someone pulls my headphones out to talk to me.

Its a bad pet peeve of mine dont take out my earbuds my family learned to tap my shoulder so should you