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Some Habits Die Hard - 3 by *Ferisae on deviantART - Hehehe. Link, Link and Wolf link - Legend of Zelda:

I'm laughing so hard at this.   The Legend of Zelda meets The Incredibles.

oooop I ACTUALLY did another odd crossover? - this time with Zelda and The Incredibles. - (a parody of the famous "my super suit?”-scene)<<< Its brilliant Brilliant BRILLIANT I tell you, GENIUS I say!

Aawww Link you heart throb...whether you wanna be one or not ^~^

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The Legend of Zelda <~~ I was playing Twilight Princess last night until 3am, but (because it was my first time playing) I couldn't get past the cave to go save the kid. You know, the one that runs after the monkey after you show them some sword tricks, which I completely forgot.

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Katzen werden eben mehr bevorzugt #Vivichan (Geek Stuff Videos)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess / Link, Princess Zelda, Midna, and Ilia / "Hugs?" - Work by Hunter x Hunter ♥ The Legend of Zelda The real goal- hug the triforce kitties

Zelda and Link

If they ever made a co op Zelda game I'd like Link and Zelda to look like this.

Link may not have Zelda YET! But when he does Nintendo better make it cute.

The Legend of Zelda, Link and Princess Zelda / by muse-kr on deviantART

Midna tears

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on ve monter:moi(link)doit suporter tous le monde et on dirait que spaghetti veux m'assassiner!,spaghetti s'agrippe a ma tunique et me regarde bizarre(pourquoi tu me rogarde?dédi a clara),rouge(lucas) se tient au grapingriffe et est un peu gener il c'est passer un petit probleme et il essaie d'atraper la main de champignon(clara)qui lui s'agriper au pantalon de rouge qui a un peu gisser et on voit aussi que champignon est gener d'avoir vu ce qu'il a vu lol!mais pourquoi spaghetti veut me…

Part of me wants to print things like this out and place them all around the room in odd places.