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“You say "ok" but deep inside you've just high fived their head with the "i don't give a fuck" sledge hammer”

The challenge: | 26 Pictures That Are Too Real For People Going Back To College

The challenge:

TPP 'Fast Track' To Delegate Enormous Power To Obama; Second Amendment Could Be Impacted (the scheme is called fast track)

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Me opening the fridge after I went to the store at 3 in the morning

Buy 'Snoop Fishh' by FlassidRooster as a Sticker. No idea where I found this, but it's snoop doggy dogg wearing a sweet ass fish hat.

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The most awesome images on the Internet

Did you catch the Fall Out Boy lyric in there?<< "You should lower your standards cause it's never getting any better than this. Rat a tat tat rat a tat tat tat HEY!

The 9 Most Epic Texting Pranks Of All Time. The 3rd One Killed Me...LOL!

This guy handles prank texts like a pro // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -