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i see nothing wrong with this outfit (i mean,after all its done by The Harry Styles) XD

oh hi ground, we meet again.

I didn't face plant in the rain.they are my tears

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Dang it -_- jk jk -xx

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// The dog he had was Boo the World's Cutest Dog. I love that dog. When I saw him with Harry I like fell over and died. I bet he will be the perfect father one day :)

If he didn't know that's just sad :(

fetus Harry at a Claire’s store.

that is true lol

I would gladly pay to see those human beings. its worth the money XD

But laughing at the same time!!! This is why he's  awesome!!!

look at this plant. it's a lovely plant.oh looky there its also the hottest guy on the planet!

The guy can silence a crowd like that You are hired in my school any time

Hey teachers just bring Harry to your classroom! A few girls wold probably scream but they'll get quiet.

Ha ha.

😂😂😂 I love Louis's and Niall's(;

The show must go on

The show must go on

I'm betting David Grohl was in marching band in high school


harry styles logic A++

The level of dedication right here. *applause*

new level fan here!

" Lmaoo tbh i would too just sayinnn😏😏😏🍑👌🏻

There have been pins about people giving up and how they have lost hope in meeting them. But I'm not giving up and neither should you. Anything can happen! Even if you're one that gave up please don't leave the fandom just cause you think you might not ever meet them or have a chance with them. But, like I said..anything can happen. <3 #hope

Before I die. Pretty much sums up my bucket list

Things that harry gets annoyed by the guys. Lol his Zayn face! Love it

Harry's pet peeves about the boys! LOL His copy cat of Zayn's smolder is just ridiculously cute!

This is how its going to be when I go to a one direction store... Plus all 5 lifesize cardboard cutouts....

i dont have any one direction merchandise. Im afraid i will befriend then let them in my room. They will see the stuff and freak out.that and my sister is a directionator and we share a room>>>>>I FEEL YOU DUDE I FEEL YAH