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Probably laughed more than necessary at this.

Not the best restaurant in town…

no they arent crazy. quite a few of them are sad! like for example "i was lost until i took on your pain"

This guy doesn’t need some sort of credentials to know he really likes burgers. “Voted best burger in town by some guy who likes burgers.



Like I said,"Nobody get's in, and nobody get's out."

Funny pictures about Serious security. Oh, and cool pics about Serious security. Also, Serious security.


16 Ways You Know You Were A Tomboy Growing Up

Stole this from Nelda. Reminded me of our situation at the drive through window one day! "I'd like a happy meal with a boy toy.OH, I mean a toy.for a boy.

Funny pictures about The irony is glorious. Oh, and cool pics about The irony is glorious. Also, The irony is glorious.

20 Hilarious Examples Of Everyday Irony - Page 2 of 5

Anything with irony in it makes us laugh. The first statement is also an irony because it didn't make you laugh, and if we believe the first statement to be true, this second one didn't make y.

Yup, human nature.  Happens all the time at work:  "What, that sign that says 'No food or drink' applies to water? Water isn't a drink, is it? I mean, I'm drinking it, but it isn't a drink...right?"

Funny pictures about Human nature summed up. Oh, and cool pics about Human nature summed up. Also, Human nature summed up.

9/29/17  5:10p  Sign Reminder ''CAUTION!  This Sign has  SHARP EDGES  Do Not Touch The Edges of This Sign'' his-twisted-logic.blogspot.co.uk

Caution: this sign has SHARP EDGES Also the bridge is out again. Which is more important: the signs sharp edges or the BRIDGE IS OUT.

We have long referred to it as "worshiping at St Arbuck's"...

Starbucks church of latte-a-day saints funny coffee / religion cartoon