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Omg haha that is hilarious I'm a fangirl I mean don't right on book hipsters like seriously 😅

This literally happened to me today. I am not a huge Davekat shipper but I think it's becoming an OTP.

When people ask me how I started to ship Laurmau XD

And so much more. Because I just want to know them. Really know them.

Literally that's it just give me that info. Idk why authors hold back into like…

Me with Dean Winchester..... But, like, also Me with Sam Winchester.... And also me with Castiel... They are all my babies and they deserve the world.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people (fictional) "hi nico, yes you"

Because we all need a community to mourn with.

Fred Weasley Sirius Black Tonks Remus Lupin Dobby Augustus Waters Tadashi Hamada Baymax (yes, technically he dies *cries*) I could go on for days.