rebellioustroll: so i made a pastel goth girl oc she’s so sweet<<<gredit to her! I love her art so give it lots of stars!*pins, I forgot I'm not on flipnote hatena.

Whoa pretty in pink

Ah I wish I had some pastel goth in my wardrobe but I'm pretty much stuck with Walmart clothes.

Lost in Wonderland

Must adopt separately. Luna loves more hardcore rock music, but Belle prefers indie and alt.

Image via We Heart It #anime

Image via We Heart It #anime

Pastel gore

remilias fav blood type is B but my blood type is O friendzoned once again

Pastel Goth Blanchette by on @deviantART

the other day i saw this girl wearing a rly cute studded sweater that was basically this in the cafeteria and i fell i love. alas i will never see her again.