Richard Armitage. His G of G face in formal wear instead of leather.

Note to self - say "no" the first time Richard asks you to marry him. It worked for Margaret in North and South ;

The Hobbit: DoS - mX Newspaper Sydney (2013)

Richard Armitage:New CNET,Aus Interview(see link) +"if it comes through the fans will be pleased! + New Interview(see link) + New Photos + Thorin in THE HOBBIT

Berlin Station: Season 2 - Episode 2 Looks like he's wearing eye shades in these pics

Nooooooo!  It's too much for first thing in the morning!!!

This picture says so much about his total package.those eyes, that intensity and passionate expression, those lips, beautiful hair.oh Richard!

Sigh Richard Armitage

Dear Richard, we love your darkness. I'm sure you're a nice guy, but each person has dark and light within himself (or herself). Your brooding, intense expressions are seeeexxxy. Love, your future sister-in-law.

Oh No They Didn't! - Your favorite dwarf king Richard Armitage has a new photoshoot

Photographed by Leslie Hassler/Contour by Getty Images - New York, NY - 4 October 2013

Handsome Bastards — Richard Armitage in ‘Brain on fire’ Everyone is.