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Never confuse happiness with comfortability. To be truly happy suggests that growth is taking place somewhere. The best part about life is. Sometimes happiness is a feeling. Other times it's a decision.

Are You Happy?

Are You Happy? [Infographic

are you happy flowchart Infographic

what romantic movie should you watch

What Romantic Movie Should You Watch? Stumped for a romantic movie to watch with your sweetheart? Looking for a RomCom to watch with your closest pals? Let this RomCom infographic be your guide.

Pretty simple!

How to Be Happy by Gustavo Vieira Dias. A flow-chart reminding you to ask a simple question. 13 of the Year's Best Infographics 2013

Prochascka and DiClementi - Cycle of Change

The Stages of Change (Prochaska & DiClemente)

is life good?

The secret of happiness, in a simple flowchart. Need a hand with that change in finding purpose and doing what you love? Here are some more flowcharts to help.

Grafisk synstavle-plakat i minimalistisk design. Customized design og egen tekst på plakaten.

Synstavle med citat - I am not perfect

IFS: YOU in the Pilot Seat Great article explaining Internal Family Systems w/ diagram of parts!

Internal Family Systems: YOU in the Pilot Seat! Great article explaining Internal Family Systems w/ diagram of parts!

Commencer cette journée avec un sourire sur votre visage!

La famille c'est le plus important, il ne faut pas les délaisser

Quando controllare l’email? Scoprilo con un test :) [INFOGRAFICA]

"Should I Check E-Mail?" flow chart by Wendy Macnaughton. I'm going offline to see what this Outside thing I keep hearing about is.

How to tell if you're doing OK in one handy chart!

Bad Day? This Chart Will Put It In Perspective

Having a bad day? Walk through this chart to see if you're doing OK

The Five-Second Rule Flow Chart

The Best Five-Second Rule Flow Chart

If you dropped food on the floor / iFunny :)

Flow chart---should you fart in front of this person?

FLOWCHART: Should You Fart In Front Of This Person?

Should you fart flowchart

Come strutturare i contenuti per un piano editoriale social

funny, lol and hahahahah image on We Heart It

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Un appel trop partique J'aurai du y penser

Reminds me of a favorite saying: anyone who thinks nothing is impossible has never tried to nail jelly to a wall.

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