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i can't go a day without listening to music. I can't go an hour without listening to music or I start to fall again

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Music keeps me on my feet and sane. If something ever happened and I couldn't sing anymore, I know I would cry. Choir has been my life since second grade, and music sustains me.>>>>>>>>more like it makes me feel sane, we all know I'm not sane


'Put this by the piano Music Gives Life to Everything' Quote - Vinyl Wall Decal // Etsy


Something I've noticed, and I know this isn't true for all, but those with depression have a thing for headphones and loud music, like they're trying to block out this world's pain with music that songs the pain they can't express.


I love country! It's prolly my favorite. But I also listen to some rock and pop when working out for more motivation! And sometimes when I'm not working out lol, I love all music really it's so hard to pick!

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul

This is so true! I am totally infected by the music bug and there is no cure lol ;

I couldnt agree more. You can play a piece, have it sound lovely. But in order to really have it be a magnificent piece of art yiu new to feel with ever fiber of your being

This is why I love the playing music, feeling what you are trying to play is everything.

This is why, long ago, I stopped asking people, "Did you see that?" "Did you hear that?"..... the answer has always been no.

Pisces are borderline psychic. We sense things pick up on things so easily mostly because we pay attention to the smallest details around us that nobody else would notice.