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Fanciful Friday: Menu Board

Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake: The ULTIMATE Menu Board

Ultimate menu board ideas - these are so neat! I want to do this for my big girl home next year

Kitchen Command Center

Our Journey: Kitchen Command Center ~ Finally! What an amazing idea. Wonder if I could get the boys to help put one up on the pantry door

The ULTIMATE Menu Board | This is a fantastic idea. I always hate writing out the whole thing when our favorites kind of rotate. (Yea for finally getting to the point we have "favorites" to rotate!) I would just do the main course however on the laminated piece and put a dry erase marker there to add sides. AND I would have a "New Recipe of the Week" blank card!   Here's a project I'm actually going to tackle- I'll attach good magnets to the back and put it on my fridge by the sink!

The ULTIMATE Menu Board- the best of everything-- meal planning, organization, easy to find recipes, and super quick shopping list making.

Under My Umbrella: Super Saturday *Craft Group Style* Menu board

After the shock of being told there would be no super Saturday where crafts would be made for our ward. My lovely craft group took action.

magnetic menu boards with a pouch for meal cards.

magnetic menu boards with a pouch for meal cards. I like the bottlecap magnets.

Magnetic Dinner Menu Board...With over 150 recipes!!

With over 150 recipes! I feel like if my kids got ahold of these magnets I would be devestated!

Make a family menu planning board with free printable labels

Magnetic Menu Board Label Templates - Now Available for Download

The Homes I Have Made: Magnetic Menu Board Label Templates - Now Available on Etsy

This project took me way too long to finish, but I can finally say it is done!  This is actually a Pinterest inspired project found here. My sisters and I got together one afternoon to put them together. Two months later…I finally finished mine. One of my sisters had the great idea of adding the … Read more...

Menu Board

Burton Avenue: Menu Board also includes childs dinner time responsibilities at the bottom! its small, cute, and functional. plus will go well with the new meal plan I'd like to get started :)