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mixed media on mylar mounted wood 24" x 36" This piece is inspired by the enchanting, otherworldly beauty of the Siren, known in some cultures as the mermaid, w
My Home is the Open Sea Art Print
Finding seashells along coasts and in the ocean is a hobby that many maritime folks enjoy. Maybe you like finding them and then leaving them where you found them. Maybe you’ve saved a few unique ones over the years and now they lie somewhere in your home. Or maybe you collect them and then Read More
Mermaid Body Found In Washington | Mermaids: The Body Found” Continues to Puzzle if Mermaids Do ...
idea for our new bathrom decor ....nautical... stamp letters and picture in white on a panel of wood...pallet would make great bathroom art
Hello I'm a mermaid and i believe in dreaming big! Learn more about Fin Fun Mermaids commitment to kids at FinFunMermaid.com
Little Mermaid Erg Mooie 06987
Mermaid Art