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30 free fonts

i like the first and ninth one 30 Free Thin Glorious Fonts for Your Minimalistic…


fontsies // (RyleeBlake)

font - cursive for classical music concerts (opera, ballet, classical music) bold for headliners (broadway, big time singers/ musicians/ etc.) sharp for contemporary concerts (radio artists) times new roman or similar fonts for informational or articles

Lavanderia for the font of the letters in the tree and around the butterfly

Cute font tattoo idea on wrist, Top Five Cursive Fonts ::, cool-fonts-tattoo-on-wrist, Delicate Tattoo Fonts,

25 fun fonts for the self-proclaimed font snob - all free!

25 fun & free fonts for the self-proclaimed font snob (from Ashley @ the handmade home)

Free Party Fonts! - Lisa Moorefield

FREE Fancy Font Combinations for Weddings and Special Occations ~ my favorite font combos for weddings and special occasions. Perfect for invitations and other party decor. Links to lots of other font combos too!

Looking for a handwritten print font? Well here are a few really great  choices I have grown to love! If you have any suggestions for the list  please leave them in the comments so I can visit them too :)  12 Handwritten Print Fonts  Always * Forever // Dolce Caffe // Ride My Bike Pro // Reenie Beanie //  Amatic SC // Hello I Like You // Frenchy // Sue Ellen Francisico // Sorbet  // LD Elementary // Over the Rainbow // Patrick Hand

12 Great Handwritten Fonts

12 Great Handwritten Fonts - Photo Card Boutique, LLC overlaps, but still a good collection;


A Typical English Home: Best Free Valentine's Day Fonts // to use for parties, invitations, weddings, printables, and more.

My 3 Monsters: Favorite Fontshttp://www.my3monsters.com/2011/11/favorite-fonts.html

Favorite Fonts

Script MT Bold - Sketch Block - Wisdom Script - clementine sketch - HOMINIS - Lobster - MTF epic - My Own Topher - pea amy g - RAGE - migraine serif - angelic war

Free fonts!

10 Gorgeous Calligraphy Fonts (The Nectar Collective