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Mystery solved of why girls go to the bathroom in groups.


Burst with excitement!

That'll shave at least 3 minutes and 6 dimensions off your shower. Wow some of these were hilarious!

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And Harry danced with Heirmione, telling her about how glad he is about having Ginny and her having Ron

What really happened

I like the second part, but they say in the book that Wormtail needed a lot of help from Padfoot and Prongs. So I guess he could have been second, but I feel like James and Sirius would have been first, and then completely focused on Peter.

English is Weird

This is what Yahoo bought with its $1.1 billion.

Actually, the wording wouldn't be "why can not you get me some ice cream". It would be "why can you not get me some ice cream". Just because a contraction is used does not mean that the word and not are next to each other.

The meaning of death

Funny pictures about The meaning of all the deaths in Harry Potter. Oh, and cool pics about The meaning of all the deaths in Harry Potter. Also, The meaning of all the deaths in Harry Potter.

Hogwarts graduation

Now I need a graduation scene! She could write books for Harry's kids generation and of then graduating!

Oh my God. This fANDOM-

This is kinda funny. Especially when I started reading it and didn't realize it was Harry Potter-ish. Excuse the bad language

Eve very well killed multiple people, and lost her actual heart.

I don't know if Hagrid was actually an alcoholic, he was drunk at least a couple of times though.

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.