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Imagem de final fantasy and zack fair

Zack Fair and Cloud Strife. Fan art and official art. Wish Zack was in Dissidia too - that would make infinite sense.

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Final Fantasy Xii: The Zodiac Age PlayStation 4 Limited Steel Book Edition

The Sending by ~StellaB  -- Probably the single most powerful moment in Final Fantasy X

I love yuna so much, the Sending by ~StellaB -- Probably the single most powerful moment in Final Fantasy X

Aranea Highwind

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運命を | いちご  OH MY GOD MY HEART.

Final Fantasy VIII 運命を」/「いちご」のイラスト [pixiv] oh my gosh this has got to be one of my favorite fan arts of all time! Squall with his mommy and daddy and Rinoa with hers!


Square Enix and Famitsu have revealed a set of new Final Fantasy XV character renders ahead of Gamescom today, giving a fans a closer look at what to expect in the final game. Now some of these renders may contain … Continue reading →

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#legendofzelda #draw #drawing #anime #art #zelda #majorasmask #manga #animegirl #pencil #animeboy

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Final Fantasy Tactics 20 x 30" Video Game Poster