Belgium’s Festival of Lights

Amazing Cathedral Made From 55,000 LEDs Rises at Belgium's Festival of Lights

LED Cathedral Recently on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium, Luminarie De Cagna added this awe-inspiring structure, illuminated by colorful LEDs to the center of town.

Designspiration — Design Inspiration

The Illustrations of Karolis Strautniekas.The clever and beautifully done illustrations of Lithuanian artist Karolis Strautniekas are very easily admired. You can see many more of his illustrations.

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Forever drawing and obsessing

brenna-ivy: “ To celebrate the start of I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today. This is an older.

Forever and ever, amen. :) Nan Lawson 2012

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband. Custom Portrait by Nan Lawson 2012 - pleas.