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morals don't matter if the reapers wipe is out! morals don't stop reapers!

[ a n g e l ]

[ a n g e l ] //// did you know that a slang term for prostitute was vamp? So was pavement princess and nymph of darkness

he has the most intriguing light honey brown eyes he has freckles down his spine and he loves riding his bike down old roads he has an old house out in the woods he's lived in his whole life he has the most addicting laugh and i fell HOPELESSLY in love with him and didn't sleep for the next week. -@shrugdealer

i wish i could accept love. i wish it didn't make my stomach turn. i love him, i just cant be with him. and that hurts like hell.

Hair Reference --- Art, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Sketch, Hairstyle, Braid, Long, Bun, Short [tenzen888 @deviantart]

I was asked to do a tutorial on the eyes from one of my contest entries. It's super fast, super easy, and super cheesy Just skip the text if you'd rather focus on the drawing steps.