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k the 1975 S edit Matt Healy 1975 edit matty 1975 this is such a good photo i'm gonna make it my background for everything


I'm Matt. I'm the new econ teacher. I honestly don't give a shit about anything. Just turn in your homework and keep your mouths shut while I'm talking and we'll get along fine. Anyways, class starts in five.

I don't think I can live a life without meeting him

Matt is a bit like a modern day Jagger in his performances

mxttmurdocks: “ // Matty Healy for MTV’s Cover Story: The 1975 // ““If you do what I do every single night, and you get the choice to play to that group of [crusty, liberal, North Londoner] people or a bunch of screaming, younger girls who fucking.

I do not want to have black and white in my magazine, so this isn't the best image. However, I really like the cartoons around the images.

This image would work well on my DPS, I would use this abstract art style on my main artists face when I have several on one page.

Why cant i have clothes like him???!!!

Are you werking that all black Matty Healy aesthetic or are you cute AF like Melanie?