Luke got a piercing. I repeat, Luke got a lip piercing!>>>Man he looks 1000 hotter with a piercing.

Ok guys so I-i t-think i wanna propose to Bella but I feel like we are so young. And what if she says no!? And if I do ask her how would I? PLZ HELP SOMEONE!(besides Bella) -luke

Luke Hemmings everyone : 18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect


Lip bite= i lost my shit then died from his hotness and cuteness and body that is just legs and hair

Not all super heroes wear capes

5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings Calum Hood<<< but they have worn capes hahaha

((Open RP be Luke?)) I walk in with Niall, the dude is like my best friend. "Hi Luke," I smile. "Hey," he mumbles. "Whats wrong?" He snaps. I start panicking and run to the bathroom. ((My name is Brooke))

#LUKE.  #5SOS in London at The o2 Academy Shepherds Bush Empire last night of the UK Tour March 2014

i really want to hug a sweaty luke after he finishes a concert


it is my favorite thing that he does when he does that with his that weird?