To all you people calling him a princess what you talking about?He is PRINCE material like DAMN boi

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Proud Awake is by far one of the best songs BTS could have in Wings

V just put his hands over jin's face just like in the mv lol

Awwww tae looks so cute trying to protect jin from the crowd, he even has his serious face on


I honestly would not ship it because well i think salena would hurt jungkookie badly but if it did ever happen i would support but the moment she hurts him SHES GOING TO FUCKING DIE

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I don't know if I've ever seen Jin wear glasses! Except fetus Australian transfer student Jin, haha. These are quality photos.

Amen// Seokjin

Seokjin is a blessing.and I don't doubt he would say that himself More Seokjin X Bandana's PLEASE


lowkey want to meet jin and make eye contact for three seconds

Good Lord for real, just gimme a little space

Good Lord for real, just gimme a little space < X'D Alas it's not going to happen. may we all rest in pieces.

He looks possessed in the last pic. XD


"pushes hair back" but hair is exactly the same and no jin you haven't sorry to disappoint

wtf he's the visual and the mom of 5 handsome boys who belong to BTS ANDDD THE QUEEN OF MY WORLDDDD

Says the person who doesn't understand the absolute art of mocking a narsacist with love.

Damn same

fuck jimin is so damn disrespectful like howwwwwww

Smiley Taetae ☺

the sun is shining, my acne is cleared, and my grades along with the economy just skyrocketed