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American heart...German descendants...my Maiden name was Schlemmer...changed to Slemmer...now I'm a Lyons  :D

my Maiden name was Schlemmer.changed to Slemmer.now I'm a Lyons :D

https://www.theintrepidguide.com/amusing-german-phrases/#.WKN7pRKLTdc: Geschenk deutsch englisch deutsche Sprüche übersetzt, Übersetzung, lustig, verschenken, Idee, schenken, Plakat, Geburtstag

50 Amusing German Phrases That Will Brighten Your Day

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we should sell a couple to america though so they have at least 1 type of bread!

I currently live in London and. ahrg I miss our good, hard, nice bread yuri can get full of. flavour with air!

good thing i spent three years of mine doing so...

sometimes i feel like ive been studying german for 6 years and i still know nothing

Sooooo hilarious!  Thanks @Kelly Mitroff

"I'm a stone (einstein)" "You? Ha ha, then I'm brett (plank) pitt"

Good for when I go visit so I understand a bit of the culture (especially that toasting thing...)

Adam Fletcher shares his insights into the top tips to becoming a real citizen of Schland. Just remember to obey the red man and get some qualifications.

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Scumbag German Language

West Valley Learning Commons / The Berlin Wall - Gottschalk 6