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OMG I thought directioners with Photoshop was bad but the 5sos fandom takes the cake

OMG I thought directioners with Photoshop was bad but the fandom takes the cake>cake lol barely noticed ashton!

Yes let's be real ere though... I will crush anyone

Seriously tho if anyone says anything bad about him I will crush you like a soda can

Michael Clifford cause I'm so freaking pale, but that's not a bad thing now lol ;)

Verging on Calum«« About deep Ashton Irwin.>>> To be honest, I'm more paler than Mikey.>>> probably deep ash too

I just noticed that it was an iPad and I just noticed that it was Calum holding it!!

After I saw this I had to go back and watch the video again ans again. Laughing so hard. You go boys!

Ashton's reply tweet to a fan^ lol, I'll say. Y'all are all 6 ft and over. Not to mention @5sosashtonirwin you're mostly all muscle now. :)

i'M FRIGGIN You, sir, would CRUSH me.<<<<<<<I'm but I still might not be able to lift them<<<<<<I'm and weak I would be crushed too (worth it XD).<<<ladies I am and let me tell you I would not care if they crushed me ayyy :)<<I'm and they would crush me

Re pin if you get it<<<<of course, what else would you do??

When you touch the fret of your cello and you feel the warm embrace

Why I love him

this is why i obsess over this band No why is it raining on my face this is not okay, THIS IS WHY I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS OKAY<<<<< this is why he is an amazing inspirational singer and guitarist