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Funny how all were so offended by Trump's "grab 'em by the pussy' shit.

MUST READ!!!Starts a network about "PEACEFUL ISLAM" & is arrested for beheading his wife. Yet no one bats an eye because everyone knows that muslims are all about subjugating women & killing innocent people.

Beheaded her on TV! Ban Islam Now! The irony of being Muslim. These people are barbaric, get all of them out of our country, ALL!

Ok children, today's lesson. What is wrong with this picture? If you said a. photoshopped b. immature/disrespectful speech c. irony, then you are correct. If you understand these things, you indeed pass the "class" test. If you do not understand the difference, then you have failed. Try again next time.

Michelle Obama jumping and screaming like a rutting boar in public. Then we have, First Lady Melania Trump. Her femininity alone, restores class, grace, and beauty to The White House.


Tuesday Images!!!

racist america, obama, oprah, michael jordan,(Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington don't belong up there.

The height of hypocrisy. My 3 uncles came back traumatized from that war. She looks like she'd easily spread her legs again for a 10th abortion. Hypocrite.

This hypocrite is not only a cold blooded baby killer but has the audacity to claim our war veterans have committed war crimes whether true or not! Condescending liberals just plain suck!

Well I see the OBAMA's really meant it when they said they wanted Miss Queen of Rap industry as their Daughters Model to look up to...well they did--Happy now??? Sad so sad they choose such brazen twisted Hollywood perverts as models for their daughters! Why not better models of strong character? Wtf?Such Liberal hypocrites in EVER way possible! Ugh ...Unbelievable???? The Obama's choices have never ceased to amaze me in EVER aspect of running this country and their life!

Well I see the OBAMA's really meant it when they said they wanted Miss Slut of Rap industry (beyonce) as their daughters role model to look up to.