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Dumb A-hole.  What kills me is these people "want government out of their lives," but they vote for people who even actually ban WORDS.  Valid words at that!

There was less ice in the arctic this winter than in any other winter during the satellite era but the governor of Florida banned the phrase "climate change" so problem solved.

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Trumps backing by christian churches has annihilated ANY respect I had for that religion. TAX these groups of hypocritical, racist, sexist, lying hate mongers.

No More "Dumb Ass Destructive Bush's" we cannot afford to go Back America!! JEB IS CUT FROM THE SAME BUSH CLOTH!!! NO, NO, NO!!!!

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No you are not a hypocrite. You are someone who can discern between a religion that teaches murder and a religion that teaches the preservation of life. Guns can be used for both.

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam, God is Imaginary. If this offends you. but this makes you "proud" you are a hypocrite.

If you spend all your time complaining about welfare programs while ignoring subsidizing of companies that exploit tax loopholes, you might be an a--hole. Most people on food stamps need them. It is temporary, it is their last resort, and it is their lifeline until they get back on their feet. They don't WANT to be on food stamps. It is humiliating. Stop punishing hard working people.

Republican Theft of Billions+ Billions of our Tax Dollars to Give to Profitable Corporations. Obama and Bernie Sanders has asked the practice to stop. the Rich Corporate Welfare continues at the People's expense!

The day the Republican baseball team was shot at, they were scheduled to take up legislation allowing for relaxing concealed carry laws. The meeting was "postponed"

Justice is it or is not ?

The Florida State Attorney now wants to put Marissa Alexander in jail for 60 YEARS. Something is very wrong with the justice system in Florida.