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OMYGOSH!! Wow that took a lot of effort! Round of applause for everyone who contributed!

I already loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, but because of these facts it makes me appreciate it even more. This is truly a wonderfully beautiful movie. Corpse Bride definitely has to be my second favorite Tim Burton movie.

This is pretty accurate, but, come on, people. IT WAS THE SIXTIES. They couldn't have been able to do much more.


If you listen closely, you can just make out the sound of Batman sadly playing with the party flavor.

Not the Batman we need, but the one we deserve. : lego

Oh for gods sake Batman, he is your son! Just accept it already and stop being a meanie pants. Robin needs to know that you accept him.

In my opinion...Ben Affleck did the smirk the best out of the actual people though Christian Bale is my favorite Batman

In my opinion, Ben Affleck has done the best bat-smirk, but Christian bale is my favorite batman. David had a good bat-smirk for only being

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This is how I see Batman. Bruce Wayne is just a cover up.a mask Batman is truly his identity. Other heroes can't touch him. Batman is THE hero he's my hero and always will be! Batman is always on top, He is BATMAN


Batman strikes fear into your heart. insure was Batman strikes fear into your heart insure was

Its Batman, what can't he do?

It's good to be the Batman. I mean, Bruce Wayne. Who's this Batman you speak of?