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Dramioneeeee forevahhh

Simply Potterific 14 by ~ktshy on deviantART. I always knew he had a secret sweet spot for Hermione :) ~~ don't ship it, but Draco has to be nice every one in a while.

Draco's Merry Making, part two

Simply Potterific 15 by ~ktshy on deviantART -- *giggles* This is great if you love this particular joke in A Very Potter Musical

Rose and Scorpius — roxychan97: I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING ( this art is...

I love how scorpios face is. He looks like he thinking " hmm I wonder why father is all embarrassed and is now Carrying me, oh well at least I don't need to walk.

More Dramione..... I wished it happened

Ava: what's the best book you've ever read? Me: definitely not the last Harry Potter book


OMFG "Draco Malfoy" and "Bellatrix" or Tom Felton and Helena Bonham Carter. From Jade Olivia, Tom Felton's girlfriends insta.

In Perpetuum Fratres by puking-pastilles on DeviantArt

I imagine Reg and Sirius meeting again in afterlife, and Sirius weeping over his foolish little brother who was so brave, and Reg smiling widely and petting his stupid brother on the head because i t ' s o k a y

October 31, 1979 by julvett on deviantART

Hey guys, here's that Lily/James comic I've been promising (for a few months now.) It was for a fest on livejournal, and I didn't realize I could only post it here once the reveals were over, which.

Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy - This was one of my favorite parts in the 6th movie... sigh

Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy - This was one of my favorite parts in the movie. Sigh I actually felt a pain in my stomach the first time I saw him cry

Simply Potterific 20 by ktshy on DeviantArt

Simply Potterific 20 by ktshy on DeviantArt Snape pfrofessional snog hunter

Movie Ron vs. Book Ron

I really hate how they portrayed ron in the movies! Rupert did a fantastic job regardless though, but the writers didn't to any of the characters justice. The book characters will ALWAYS BE BETTER.


I'll always be a fan of Dramione. Seriously, the whole "inter-house unity" bit throughout the books and umm. you don't get a major character pairing between Slytherin and Gryffindor? Anyway, thought you'd like this.