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Snoopy, Woodstock and Friends and the Rest of the Peanuts Gang Sitting on a Pyramid of Books and Reading

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Snoopy Library

by Margie Senechal Yesterday was Book Lovers Day. I'd have to say just about every day is book lovers day for me--be it my own proj.

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peanuts exclusive poster.  Hey man!  Its the Peanuts movie!  Its computer animated not cell animation, but oh well.  I used to watch the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show everyday after school in middle school, and checked out the comic strip books from the library in the summer.  Super pumped for this film!


INFOGRAPHIC: Good Grief! It’s Our Handy Guide to the 'Peanuts Movie' Characters | Fandango

INFOGRAPHIC: Good Grief! It’s Our Handy Guide to the 'Peanuts Movie' Characters