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Wenn alles andere nicht klappt, drücke diesen Knopf.

21 GIFs, die dich verdammt nochmal beruhigen

But that’s the thing anxiety (and depression) are just like that gif, you can push the button and it will turn calm, but then it resets back to anxiety. It’s a permanent loop,


We are a couple who like drawings, illustration, animation and other -ations. These are a collection of interesting things that we find over there.

관련 이미지

Flat Animations on Behance motion graphics gifs - animating icons - animated gifs - illustrated design in motion

I collab'd with https://dribbble.com/BrandingBear and animated his awesome character!

Swimming Squid


16 Animações extremamente satisfatórias de pessoas escrevendo

It's called a calligraphy brush. If you have no control over your lettering the pen doesn't matter. I want one though. I love calligraphy.

positive bunny post

Bringing back a positive bunny post! I haven’t made any in a while- would you want to see more positive bunny GIFs?

Calming cat

Found on

Calming cat

Loki calm

Avengers- Preferencje(postacie z Marvela też będą)

Loki *gif* I saw him doing this in theaters, and I just sat there like "I do that when I'm bored too."<--- Sorry, I was too busy thinking, "Jack O'Neill"