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Theo James plays Tobias Eaton (Four) in my favorite movie, Divergent

15 Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Four

15 Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Four

It's Tobias. How can ANYONE not love Tobias? Community Post: 15 Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Four: Not that you need help


Yup pretty much

Four. | Divergent by Veronica Roth | Divergent series | #quote | #film |

Divergent *cough* *cough* status: not divergent

29 Extremely Important Reasons To Go See "Divergent"

29 Extremely Important Reasons To Go See "Divergent"

Theo James in a tiara, ladies and gentlemen 29 Extremely Important Reasons To Go See "Divergent" (a.a "Theo James Is in It

Divergent (Divergente), un film à ne pas manquer - article photogeniques.fr [Shailene Woodley & Theo James]

The First Official Divergent Posters!

The Divergent Series on Instagram: “Another incredible FAN MADE #ALLEGIANT movie poster by @addictoedits ”

The Divergent Series

Four From Divergent | Divergent | Hunger Games and Divergent Series (dystopian)

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ They don't actually call her six, but it's true she does only have 6 fears when she goes through her fear landscape and based on hints later in the book during the mass simulation she goes down to 5 fears

Tris, Four, Christina

Theo James is perfect as Tobias, I need to see this movie! The book was great.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley

Reasons I want to be an actress: Theo James, Starring in movies with attractive actors(Theo James) Having people ship me and another actor (Theo James) And wanting to be inspiring But mainly.

I'm tris prior and I'm divergent

Tris and Tobias

Day 4 :)  con fused about tris being 6 not 7 she never went back to the fear landscape to see

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ read the books and weep people.

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ ~Tris~

My new book, Divergent.

Oh, I love this.

Divergent High School - Tobias

tobias (abnegation) to four (dauntless)

pinning these in reverse order so they'll be read properly...(2/2)

29 GIFs of Theo James aka the hottest man alive

I love Tobias! But I honestly don't see what all  fuss is about over Theo. That's not how I pictured Four at all!

(Even though I have not read the divergent series this is really funny! You are not allowed to think it's funny if you have not read and cried through the books!