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Again, the Hunger Games and Divergent. I'm not sure about the Divergent pictures (because I know nothing about Divergent), but I know the Hunger Games pictures go really well with those lyrics.

That awkward moment when the cast the     wrong actress for Tris. (I'm not saying anything against Shailene Woodley, I'm     sure she'll do well in TFIOS. She's just not right for Tris)

That awkward moment when you date your sibling from another movie. Read The Fault of Our Stars last week, and I was in a Hazel and Augustus cloud, this week I'm retraining my brain to Caleb and Tris, the siblings.

Abnegation can't take selfies, to selfish. Someone must take it of them and then someone has to burn it because it's like a mirror

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Divergent With the Cast's Social Snaps

Ansel Elgort, who plays Caleb Prior in the movie, shared this shot of his onscreen family: Tony Goldwyn as Mr. Prior, Ashley Judd as Mrs. Prior, and Shailene

This kills me. OMG ALLEGIANT WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! Allegiant was the first time I cried at a book...then came along The Fault in Our Stars! omg this is so sad...*tears* *Violent sobs* *stuffs Dauntless cake in face* I'm just a poor smoothie, man...(inside joke)

This kills me. OMG ALLEGIANT WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY! Allegiant was the first time I cried at a book.then came along The Fault in Our Stars!*tears* *Violent sobs* *stuffs Dauntless cake in face* I'm just a poor smoothie, man

charming life pattern: divergent - quote - movie - film

They forgot Amity <<< cuz they don't yet have a picture of Johanna Reyes (I think that's her name, correct me if I'm wrong) i saw the movie last night i went to bed crying :'(

You should get this in the film so you know who's who compared to the book!!

The divergent characters If you didn't notice, the backgrounds have each of their faction symbols I can't wait to see the movie

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ CAN'T WAIT

The First Official "Divergent" Movie Posters Have Been Revealed.their tattoos look AWESOME! so excited :) (love the raven tattoo and the meaning behind it on Tris' collar bone)

We believe in ordinary acts of bravery.....

'We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.' ~quote from the Dauntless manifesto (Book Divergent by Veronica Roth)

Eek!!! I was listening to the original cups song at the same time and I WAS LIKE AHHHH

love this Divergent Cup Song. I know how to play the actual cup part, so this is just great song to sing while i do it (but none of my friends would understand because they haven't read the books or seen the movie yet)