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Percy Jackson and the time they sailed around a lot Percy Jackson and Zeus's trust issues  There's books four and fivw

The Heroes of Olympus series PERCABETH! The Heroes of Olympus series Why doesn't Percy have a chapter?

Was so happy to find that Alaska was going to be the setting in one of my favorite books

Percy Jackson just doesn't listen. Saw this before I read Son of Neptune and I didn't get it. Read Son of Neptune, thought of this, and died laghing

When I shake the phone the purple moves.

" <----- My brother just walked in on me laughing thinking i was crying. Ha ha never read Percy Jackson. He hasnt I know everything aboit them----- yep, you go persassy

This should have been in the book

Well, there IS food dye and if she takes that away you can just mix colors until you somehow get blue.<<< But blue is a primary color. You can't mix colors to make blue.

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That's exactly what I said when I read that. Throwing Wonder Bread isn't going to get a half-dead guy to move faster, Percy -_- <I thought the same thing.