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Two women wearing bird headdresses have a chat

Joël-Peter Witkin - Cupid and Centaur in the Museum of Love - 1992

View Cupid and Centaur in the meuseum of love, Marseille by Joel-Peter Witkin on artnet. Browse more artworks Joel-Peter Witkin from Baudoin Lebon.


Visions Within Mechanism Industrial Surrealism by Jeffrey Scott - Baby got back (a weird one haha)!

Like the shamans of a bygone era, you can take your own Shaman Journey. www.theshamanjourney.com

“ The Aghori monks of India and Nepal spend their lives proving to Shiva, the god of death and transformation, that they are his true disciples by living at Hindu cremation grounds, bathing in the.

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This photos are so dark and mysterious. ❤️ They really remind me of the intro to American Horror Story: Coven

#Halloween Art. Crows by Ana Mlinar - Advanced Photoshop

A mummer's mask was worn during the Black Plague primarily by physicians who cared for the dying. It was shaped like a raven's beak and filled with rose or other flower petals to cover the smell of death.

Lola Zaza, daughter of Aleister Crowley and Edith Rose Kelly

Aleister Crowley's daughter named Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho .

These kids look like they belong in a haunted house.    :-/

Inexpensive Halloween prop that gives u Big Bang for little money. Swap out picture frame photos around the house. I find creepy old photos and insert them in front of reg. After Halloween remove the eerie photo quick easy cheap.

I can't resist weird balloons

I love Art ,Horror and other nice things. All the Pictures that I post do not belong to me!


Creepy, Horror, Monsters, Rocky Horror, The Beast

Banshee (2014) by Jana Heidersdorf | pencil & digital https://www.behance.net/gallery/25732953/Banshee-Kelpie

Delightfully Creepy Banshee by Jana Heidersdorf Illustration

Top Ten Quotes Of The Day

I am an eagle, not a dirty pigeon.

Bird Kingdom by Kelsey Eng - Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight

Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight female mythical warrior wing references

this is amazing, placement?!

feather with birds.this is a prime example of how placement can make a good tattoo a piece of awesome art.

bird people Illustration

bird people Illustration ( Need to find out the artist.

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20 DIY ideas for making your own wall art

pretty bird wall art, using old book pages or newspaper